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Posted Sep 26, 2013

 We understand  boxing is sometimes viewed as brutal contact sport but our approach will be a little different.  All though we do want to teach the kids how to protect themselves our main focus will be speed, conditioning, movement and balance.  The classes will also incorporate respect, confidence and discipline.  As most of us have kids that play team sports, boxing differs in that it is a individual sport.  You have no team to hide behind and you are responsible for your actions.  The class will be run by Shawn Ortiz and we also have coaches that have fought in the amateur and professional level.  Our system will start from the very basics and will not involve any contact. Here is a outline of what will be taught.
Mental Training-We will teach the youth to know when to use the skills they have acquired, that fighting is not a good thing but sometimes you must.  How to avoid bad situations but what to do when to bad situation comes to you.  Confidence in knowing they have the skills to defend themselves.  We will also teach the kids how to deal with the pressure and nervousness they will have with partcipating with this type of sport.

Conditioning-  Rope jumping, medicine ball work, proper sit-ups and push ups, burpees and leg strengthening. 

Hand Wrapping and circuit training.

Stance-  Proper fighting stance and balance

Movement-  Forward, backward and side to side movement, proper pivoting

Defense-  bob and weave technique, head and torso blocking and counter punching

Offense- Proper technique to throw Jabs, crosses, hooks and uppercuts. 
Where:  Mad Tiger Academy Mililani
(Off of Kam Highway)
95-119 Kamehameha Hwy. Suite D
Mililani, Hi. 96789
When:  Every Saturday From 6:00pm till 8:00 pm
Cost:  $10 per session or $35 prepaid for the month.  First class FREE
What to bring(1st Class):  For the first class bring water and a towel
What to bring(2nd Class and Beyond):  Water, Towel, Hand Wraps, Boxing Gloves.

For all boys and girls ages 6-16.

Please Contact us at