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Our Mission
Posted Jun 11, 2012

Hawaii Sports Academy is a organization the supports, encourages and enables our youth to benefit from participation in sports in a safe and structured environment.  Through our programs we teach sportsmanship, fundamentals, teamwork, skills, and knowledge along with lessons on how to cope with the challenges that our youth face on a daily basis.   HSA was created on March 4, 2012 by Chris Fuamatu-Ma’afala and Travis Tilton.  

Chris who grew up on the tough and violent streets of Mayor Wrights Housing was fortunate to have the guidance of his FAITH, FAMILY and COACHES to ensure he followed the right path.   He was given the opportunity to attend St. Louis High School where he became a standout running back.  Chris then attended the University of Utah where he once again fulfilled his obligations to his school and team.  Chris was drafted and played in the NFL for 7 seasons with the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Jasonville Jaguars.  Travis, who grew up in Waimanalo, is a successful business owner and youth coach.  Starting HSA has been a long time dream of Travis as a way to give back to the community that has help him and his family succeed in life.

Chris and Travis both saw firsthand how a life of crime and drugs can destroy the dreams of our youth.  They had many childhood friends who would have grown to accomplish great things if they only had people in their life to lead them down the right path. Chris along with Travis have set forth to develop a sports program to provide early intervention and prevention services through mentoring and peer educating to all youth in the community especially  “at-risk” youth.  We will challenge the youth to think healthy, live healthy and dream beyond the often oppressive conditions that face many of us.

HSA will strive to build courage and respect through our sports program and to never leave any child behind.  Winners are born through desire, participation and creativity; we want to instill in every child to always put GOD first, dig deep for their goals; love and respect for their family, and to respect their team and our society.  We want our youth to be the best that they can be and remember that no one is perfect, we all make mistakes but a true champion will pick themselves up, dust themselves off and continue the journey by never giving up.

 We believe that faith along with sports is a BONDING CATALYST THAT TRANSCENDS AGE, RACE or FINANCIAL STATUS!